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      2021 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from our Mothers

      Mother’s Day is a little over a week away, and this year it is especially important to show Mom how much you appreciate her. If she is near or far, we have several special ways to show your love.

      Our shop-moms have developed a great gift idea list below to help you show your mom the gratitude she deserves. Be sure you shop our catalog for great lifestyle gift ideas.

      1. Mother's Day verse cards in two sizes! New for this year, our wonderful paper company came up with this addition to our verse line.
      Shop verse cards here

      2. Frames are a favorite. Mom always needs more frames to put pictures of you or the grandchildren. It's all about wicker and bamboo this year!
      Shop frames here

      Wicker Pagoda Lantern

      3. Also new this year are wicker pagodas. These are sure to be a hit and perfect for brightening the porch and her day.
      Shop Wicker Pagodas here

      4. Of course, Mom always loves a little blue and white. These tiny jars have been our top blue and white gifts!

      Baby Ginger Jars: around 4.5" tall.
      Small Ginger Jars: around 6" tall.
      Small Temple Jars:  around 7.5" tall.

      Note Cards Mothers Day

      5. Chunky Note Pads. We love these big note pads and so will a note-taking Mom who likes to express her thoughts using all the paper.
      Shop Note Pads here


      6. Décor Books. Does Mom like flowers and books? Then these books are the ticket. They have beautiful photos and will also look great as décor. The Saint and Angel books are a "can't miss" gift too.


      7. Cachepot Candles 5.5" x 5.5"w $49. Our newest edition, these candles contain two pounds of wax hand poured for exceptional burn times. The best part about these are the fabulously designed cachepots they come in, we have a wide verity of chinoiserie patterns and colors. We absolutely swooned when these came in and we think your mom will too.

      We love our line of keepsake boxes and paperweights. Right now featuring the van Gogh boxes and paper weights. These are delightful, little gifts that every one can find a use for and enjoy.