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      5 Fabulous Ways to Style Pagodas Like a Pro

      5 Fabulous Ways to Style Pagodas Like a Pro

      We love Pagodas! I mean look at our logo. We thought you might want some ideas from us on how we style our Pagoda Lanterns.
      Perfect Pieces need to be correctly styled
      Do you ever pick up the perfect piece of décor get it home and find its just not right? We do this all the time, but guess what? We got it because we loved it so once we finish styling it, we love it even more!
      • You must try multiple looks, its never one and done
      • Pagoda lanterns light up a space, make them shine

      How to make your friends swoon over your new pagoda lanterns:
      That’s what we want. So, we did the leg work for you. We have styled these 100 different ways over the years and definitely have our favorites.

      So, we wrote up our 5 favorite ways to style Pagoda Lanterns include the how’s and why’s. 

      1. Consoles and Sideboards.

      We love them here because they bring fun, color, and light to your vignette. Typically, you will have something tall anchoring the ends like lamps and you then need to transition to your center star piece. Pagoda Lanterns are the perfect height, amount of light, texture to bridge the décor and bring everything together.

      2. Table and Tablescapes:

      Okay candles get used all the time on tablescapes, try replacing your standards with Pagoda Lanterns and delight your dinners. In summer fall drop in the wicker to create interest, set the mood and delight your diners.

      3. Chest and taller furniture:

                    Before                                        After

      Here is one where Pagoda Lanterns may be just what you need. We often use antique chest for smaller spaces where we need some height and storage is a bonus, a smaller foyer would be an example. On this piece when you don’t have lamps the light and color add wonderful interest to the vignette and are sure to please your guest.

      4. Outside of Course:

      When the weather is good don’t, we all like to be outside? Take your Pagoda Lanterns to the outside they will love it. Lanterns are at home while you are entertaining outside just about anywhere. They also can live on covered porches all year round. Try stacking three different sizes or a pair outside your patio door.

      5. On the coffee table:

      Do you want to know where I keep mine? Truly a pagoda lantern lovers special place, my coffee table! Why? Because that is where we spend our time relaxing, and I get to see them all the time.