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      Mother's Day Gift Guide

      Mother's Day Gift Guide


      💖 Mother’s Day Gift Guide 💖


       Mother's Day Bundles

      We're starting off with our Mother's Day bundles! Blend has a ton of great options for gifts so we wanted to create four customized tiers ranging from $65 to $175. Our bundles include a range of gorgeous products from candles to frames, and even ginger jars. Curated from the moms at Blend, there is a different bundle perfectly fit for any mom. Click "shop here" below to take a look at what each bundle has to offer!

      Faux orchid

      A feminine, yet elegant classic, our faux orchids. Planted in your choice of pot, mom will absolutely love our faux orchid all year long! We reccomend one of our popular brush pots or cachepots for moms orchid. Our orchids are sold in store, stop by and see us to customize a beautiful arrangment. If you can't make it in store, we have a ton of stunning pots to choose from online. 

       Cosmetics Bag

      Something that we have at Blend that we consider a hidden gem is our cosmetics bags. Availible in a range of patterns and colors, our cosmetics bags are a more affordable and super functional gift mom will love for all of her favorite products. 

       Blue & White Porcelain 

      A Blend staple, our blue and white. We have a ton of blue and white to choose from, so to help we’ve narrowed it down to a couple of great pieces to start mom off with. Our ginger jars are one of our most popular pieces for blue and white beginners and make for a gorgeous decor piece in any home. Small, vibrant, and classic, we think mom will love a ginger jar. Next we have our very popular brush pots. Our brush pots are availible in a variety of colors and patterns and make for a gorgeous way to showcase a fresh foral arrangment from Anita’s!

      Brush Pots:
      Ginger Jars: