Designer Face Cover from our Pillow Maker

  • $15.00

When our fine pillow maker announced they were making face mask we jumped at the chance to get some ourselves. Not only because they were donating to front line medical workers but because the ones we got off of Etsy weren't cutting it. Look if we are going to be wearing these and we are, why not have some that are stylish and comfortable? These are made from the fabric that was available and we received quite a mix so we will send you the next one in the queue we cant take orders for colors or patterns at this time.


– 3.75” X 7.25” non-medical grade, cotton/linen blend face covers with elastic bands
– One size
– Unisex
– Pocket for optional filter included
– Hand wash. Wash after each use.
– All sales are final. Due to the nature of the item, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges.